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The 2015 collection « Milagros » salutes, with a zest of humour, the thousand year’s tradition of wearing charms  to make a wish or to express gratefulness to life. Made out of sterling silver, bronze and cooper.                     


Price range between 20$ and 150$







The Keum-Boo collection is the harmonious result of the fusion between an ancient technique, the pure and refine lines of  Japanese art style and my advanced  jewelry skills.  Prices range between 50$ and 125$

 *Keum-Boo: Ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply sheets of pure gold to silver

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Made with titanium and bronze the « Masks » series are a tribute to my ancestors the Muisca and Tayrona pre-Columbian cultures.                 

Prices range between 60$ and 85$








Every element of my creations is hand made at my studio.